QA/QC Engineer

Country/Region:  AE
Field:  Project Management

Abu Dhabi, AE

Type of Contract:  Permanent
Level of experience:  10-15 years
Job number: 


The QA/QC Engineer will provides quality assurance (QA) support activities on assigned functional areas of the Project  to ensure that they are in accordance with the client’s quality requirements.

The QA/QC Engineer will report to the Quality Assurance Manager and will also regularly interact with representatives from a variety of functional groups, including program management, engineering and construction.


  • Planning daily inspection activities and surveillances
  • Identifying and immediately resolving or halting activity in circumstances where serious breach of Health, Safety or Environmental standard is witnessed.
  • Conducting audits to verify that plans and procedures are being followed and providing documentary evidence is produced and maintained.
  • Coordinating with the construction staff and planning in advance any necessary inspections and testing activities.
  • Closely monitoring the subcontractors to ensure they adhere to the Design-Builders (DB) Contractors project quality assurance and quality control plans & procedures.
  • Ensuring site QA/QC compliance through on site surveillance or via QC Inspector reporting.  Visual, Feedback and reporting.
  • Taking responsibility for all involved from materials receipt, storage and final use.
  • Conducting site visits for visual verification of procedure adherence, feedback from Non Conformance Reports (NCR) and feedback from progress meetings and individual reporting of concerns from general workforce, Supervisors and Management.
  • Ensuring As-Built Quality Records are produced in respect to the Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs).
  • Offering guidance to the QC Inspectors in terms of ITP content and the required compilation of records referenced within in respect to materials specifications, tolerances, standards, their certification to compliance, their traceability and their use in the realisation of the product.
  • Being prepared to attend at Functional Acceptance Testing (FATS) & System Acceptance Testing (SATs) dependant on the individual materials, tests or services being under inspection and test as required by the Project Manager.
  • Undertaking timely temperature samples and responsibly handling their handling, curing, storage and testing.
  • Acting decisively to curtail bad practise, waste and non - value adding activities.
  •  Explaining likely derogatory effects of bad practise, in a manner easily understandable to the individual or group involved in the issues.
  • Engaging in supply chain QC compliance On\off site as required or advised by the Project QA Manager.
  • Producing weekly, monthly reports and a dashboard of QA\QC KPIs  to high standard and detail.


  • ​​​​​​​Senior Professional shall have a technical / engineering related university degree
  • Minimum Ten (10) years’ experience in the required field of expertise in Conventional Railway Project
  • Strong understanding QA\QC principles tools & techniques.
  • Ability to give sound knowledgeable advice on matters of Quality, Assurance and Quality Control.
  • GCC experience.