Chief Engineer System Works

Country/Region:  RS
Field:  Engineering

Belgrade, RS

Type of Contract:  Permanent
Level of experience:  15-20 years
Job number: 

SYSTRA is one of the world's leading engineering and consultancy groups specialising in public transport and sustainable mobility. With over 10,300 employees, SYSTRA's mission is to design safe and sustainable transport solutions to bring people together, develop social inclusion and facilitate access to employment, education and leisure throughout the world.


For 65 years, the Group has been working alongside cities and regions to contribute to their development by creating, improving and modernising their infrastructure and transport systems, throughout the life cycle of their projects. SYSTRA is involved from the earliest stages of design through to the testing, deployment and maintenance phases. The company provides all its services in over 80 countries worldwide and generates 74% of its turnover internationally. With its new services, SYSTRA supports its clients and partners in their digital, ecological and energy transition, in order to invent the mobility of tomorrow.

Main Duties:

  • Organises, hires staff entrusted to them and plans the expert supervision of all engineering, manufacturing, installation, testing and commissioning works/works on systems and rolling stock;
  • Conducts a detailed review of the Contractor's plans and programs and gives recommendations to the Client, who ultimately decides on these matters. Participates in the activities of the Contractor in the planning and preparation of the dynamic work schedule by providing advice, recommendations, references to specifications, etc. Approves the plans and programs of the Contractor.
  • Organises the monitoring of the progress of works in accordance with the adopted dynamic Issues orders to the Contractor to correct defects. Ensures that the Contractor receives instructions, recommendations, approvals, etc. on time in order to avoid the delay of works and claims by the Contractor.
  • Checks whether the installed materials are provided with the necessary attestations, certificates, as well as other documentation proving the quality and whether they meet the appropriate standards.
  • Supervises the quality of works and the accuracy of measuring all quantities of works on the facilities.
  • Continuously monitors the actual costs and quantities of all works performed by the Contractor.
  • Reviews and provides an opinion on the submitted requests of the Contractor. Performs the price analysis for subsequent and unforeseen works and gives recommendations to the Client who makes decisions on these issues;
  • Detailed review of Statements and Draft Final Statement;

Other Task and responsibilities:

  • Supervises activities related to internal control performed by the Contractors themselves and reviews their documentation. Selects samples to be tested in an independent laboratory. Makes recommendations to the Contractor regarding measures to improve methods, equipment, materials, etc. For the needs of the Investor, prepares reports and reviews on the quality, quantities and values of works;
  • Conducts a detailed review of the changes to the design and measures proposed by the Contractor. Depending on the size and significance of those changes, makes a proposal to the Client to issue a decision on this matter;
  • Examines in detail the reports received from the Contractors and, if necessary, makes remarks and suggestions on their content;
  • Proposes filing a lawsuit when it is necessary to punish illegal actions, theft, abuse, etc.;
  • If necessary, suspends ongoing work performed by the Contractor due to insufficient mechanization and equipment, incorrect methods of performing work or materials, or inadequate safety measures;
  • Initiates emergency works due to the occurrence of dangerous situations in order to prevent further injury to people, damage to roads and endangerment of the environment. Must immediately inform the Client about the undertaken measures;
  • Gives proposals to the Contractor for the elaboration of smaller design solutions and design supplements to achieve a more rational and efficient construction, i.e. construction of individual parts of the facility or execution of works;
  • Recommend to Systra to Suspend the works when irregularities are identified ,the elimination of which cannot be delayed, i.e. when the continuation of works would seriously endanger the stability or functionality of the facility, cause danger to neighbouring facilities, workers and passers-by;
  • Controls and approves the as-built designs prepared by the Contractor;
  • Prepares documentation and participates in the process of system testing and commissioning;
  • Participates in the work of the commission for the handover of finished works;


  • Work experience of at least 5 years in the position of Team Leader for expert supervision and/or responsible contractor for the construction or reconstruction of the metro, individual project value greater than 100,000,000.00 euros.
  • Advanced knowledge of working in Office packages and other software packages (e.g. AutoCAD, etc.).


Systra is an equal opportunities company; this position is open to all applicants.