CDE Specialist and BIM Coordinator

Date: 1 Oct 2023

Location: Faridabad (IND_FAR), IN

Company: Systra

The global leader in public transport infrastructure, SYSTRA has specialized in the mass transit and rail market since 1957. The main shareholders of SYSTRA are SNCF and RATP. Its ambition is to serve emerging needs for collective and sustainable mobility throughout the world. With a presence in 80 countries, SYSTRA manages over 3,000 projects for high-speed systems, traditional rail lines, metros and tramways throughout the world.


In India, SYSTRA is an international consulting and engineering company operating in the fields of Metros, High Speed Rail, Railways, Roads, Buildings, Urban planning, and Water & Environment for public and private organizations.

Our engineers work with passion to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective and made-to measures solutions allowing end users to move seamlessly.

SYSTRA’s unique expertise is backed with a reputation built through technical excellence delivered on projects. Thanks to our know-how of our employees spread across India, we are present at all stages from upstream studies to operation and maintenance. We provide a comprehensive solution to manage all kinds of missions: Detailed Design Consultant, Project Management, Independent checking services.


Systra India's Infrastructure design vertical is the leading design team for metros in India, with 300 plus stations being designed currently. The team has designed over 500 kms of viaduct along with 60 kms of tunnels and 50 underground stations. We are also very proud to have designed the first monopile in India for the Mumbai Coastal project. We have the distinction of designing the fastest implemented metro project in the country with Lucknow and now have broken the record in Kanpur Metro. Apart from Indian projects the team also provides design services to projects as far as Philippines in the east to Columbia in the West.


Main duties

CDE- Specialist JOB Responsibility: -  (BIM-360 – Project-Wise)

•    The framework was developed to outline the recommended collaborative processes for effectively managing information for all types of assets in the Built Environment. This includes buildings, infrastructures, and the systems and components throughout the asset lifecycle.
•    Common Data Environment (CDE) is the gold standard for managing project information when multiple parties are involved. It ensures that all stakeholders across design, manufacturing, construction, and operational processes—from the field to the office—have access to and work from the most recent information in real-time.
•     Project team members have access to the latest, most up-to-date information within a shared area, aiding project delivery.
•    A central and secure repository for managing your supply chain is created.
•    Information is readily available to all project members at any time or location. For example, on a global project, team members can upload, edit, and collaborate on project information regardless of where they are in the world.
•    Project information is continually updated. All updates and changes are logged in a secure audit trail maintaining a single source of truth.
•    Projects are created in a BIM environment and are aided in becoming ISO 19650 compliant.
•    Any number of documents can be generated from different combinations of model files
•    Project team members work collaboratively, and best practices are encouraged and ensured.
•    Centralizes your knowledge base, record analytics, and allow all project members to feed into a central hub.
•    Enhances decision-making, creates more advanced procurement systems, stamps out waste, and prevents issues from cropping up.
•    Information can be reused to support construction planning, estimating, cost planning, facilities management, and many other downstream activities.
•    File naming conventions, for example, should be adopted early on to ensure all project members are using a standard protocol.
•    It provides a clear understanding of what stage the information is at. Showing what work is currently in progress, what has been shared, and what has been published.
•    Workspaces will need to be regularly reviewed to ensure all project members are fulfilling their obligations. This is also necessary to implement improvements if they are required.
•    Develop CDE implementation and migration plans as required, incorporating people, process, technology, and security activities.


Bachelor degree in General engineer


We commit to put people who join us at the heart of improving transportation and urban infrastructure efficiency. As we are growing, this is time to be a part of this challenging adventure.

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