Senior Technical Specialist

Country/Region:  CA
Field:  Project Management

Toronto, CA

Type of Contract:  Permanent
Level of experience:  10-15 years
Job number: 

Key Accountabilities & Responsibility 


The Operations and Maintenance Technical Specialist will be responsible for the oversight of the Operations and Maintenance interface issues by Dev Co, the TA, the CA, and other Parties, as applicable. Duties include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

  • Ensuring Health, Safety and Security Principles are followed and are a priority in railway systems design and deployment 

  • Fostering a collaborative environment and fostering optimized approaches to Systems implementation, providing the best value to the Sponsors, the CA and the Public 

  • Assuring that aspects of Operations and Maintenance are encapsulated in the delivery, and are followed to assure Value for Money 

  • Direct oversight over the definition of L1, L2, and L3 Maintenance in collaboration with TTC, Metrolinx, and other relevant Stakeholders 

  • Ensure project schedules are developed and implemented so that deliverables are provided in a timely and cost-effective manner to all stakeholders 

  • Support and lead (as required) at meetings convened by the CA, TA, the Operator (TTC), Stakeholders and with the Contractor (Dev Co) to review relevant requirements and deliverables 

  • Provide expert industry knowledge regarding fulfilling O&M requirements on a range of deliverable systems and products (including MEP and Civil) 

  • Assure that the Interface Control Documents / Forms and relevant Interface Matrices indicate Maintenance aspects 

  • Assure that O&M requirements are clearly spelled out for all Stakeholders/ Delivery Parties in the Project Requirements/Specifications 

  • Track, monitor and communicate performance against project requirements, quality measures, milestones and KPIs in relevant KRAs 

  • Review status reports from project teams/vendors and address issues with program or portfolio impacts as appropriate 

  • Implement approved procedures to ensure successful execution of projects 

  • Interface with the Chief Safety Officer on key decisions/analysis/certification issues 

  • Participate in key decision making, risk analysis and assessments 

  • Ensure sustainability is at the heart of Program process and decision making to ensure the right decisions are made now and for the future.  

  • Help identify value engineering savings within the project designs and construction methods.  

  • Facilitate a project environment which is collaborative, inclusive, diverse and celebrates our differences.  

  • Create a high performing culture open to constructive challenge, seeking continual improvement and implementing lessons identified from past experience 

  • Training and development, mentoring of junior staff 



Technical Management Expertise  

  • Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a recognized University 

  • Minimum 15 years of experience in both Greenfield and Brownfield urban railway or projects with equivalent focus on Operations and Maintenance (Nuclear/Aerospace/etc) 

  • Good knowledge of CENELEC/EN, AREMA, FTA standards 

  • Ideally, an understanding of subway maintenance practices (TTC or other jurisdictions) 

  • Experience and strong technical knowledge of transit stations and construction in urban areas 

  • Experienced with multi-disciplinary rail and transit projects, and / or complex civil infrastructure projects in brownfield / urban environments with adjacent infrastructure 

  • Experience in managing a focused group of SME to foster the “best of breed” ideas as relevant to O&M 

  • Excellent interpersonal and oral/written communication skills 

  • Experience in meeting schedule expectations and delivering work on time 



Leads and supervises   

Leads others effectively, gives clear direction, coaches and supports others to reach their full potential.  


Persuades and influences  

Persuades and influences others successfully towards a desired course of action.  


Creates and innovates  

Demonstrates a better perspective and explores innovative approaches in pursuit of a better way. Utilises their  experience in construction methods to offer valid and valuable alternatives as applicable 


Presents and communicates  

Presents clearly and communicates effectively, in a confident manner, with their audience in mind.   Ensures there’s communication across teams, pro-actively avoiding silos. 



Leads Self to consistently deliver the following behaviours:  


Personal effectiveness   

Takes responsibility for their actions, leads by example and acts in an ethical, legal and responsible way. Is self aware and makes the most of their talents, skills and resourcefulness.   


Plans and organises  

Sets SMART objectives and efficiently manages resources and tasks.   


Collaborates and networks  

Collaborates well with teammates, internal and external stakeholders, building trusting and respectful relationships.  Works pro-actively to avoid silos, shares information with the team to maximize performance. 


Solves problems   

Takes ownership to identify, solve and overcome challenges.   


Adapts and responds to change  

Adapts and reacts well to changing priorities and requirements.   


Delivers results and exceeds clients’ expectations   

Focuses on client satisfaction and delivers service excellence for external and internal clients.   


Values sustainability and social responsibility  

Makes responsible choices that have a positive environmental and social impact.   


Acts inclusively  

Treats all people with respect in a fair and consistent manner.